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Dislodge Chronic Pain & Mend The Fragmented Self

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After working with Destiny the past 6 months, my shoulders and jaw are releasing a lifetime's worth of tension. I'm making surprising strides reintegrating the left side of my body after a traumatic knee injury and my digestive system is settling into the most normal functionality I've ever experienced. It's a very rare blessing to find someone who can provide fresh insight into my lifelong struggle for health and well-being.

-Leslie M.

My 6 year-old daughter has an autoimmune disease causing pain throughout her body and other health problems. Destiny inspires total trust and relaxation giving her relief and healing in a natural and wholesome way.-Ashlen Roth

I had a major spine injury seven years ago and have debilitating pain flare-ups on occasion. I cannot express the value of RiversWithin service. Having used both, the cranio-sacral therapy is more effective for easing the pain and releasing the muscle spasms than dilaudid.

-Stefanie Wayland 

I have been receiving CST treatments on a weekly basis for the last several months and it has been extremely helpful to my well being.   Destiny is gifted and understanding.  She reads the body with her gentile and relaxed manner.  I feel fortunate to have found someone like Destiny.

-Nancy Sherwood

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