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Chronic pain is more than          physical: it's personal

Reclaim feelings of safety in the                  mind & body


Feet in the Ocean

Dislodge the belief that your symptoms will never                  go away

I am a certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapist by the Pain Psychology Center. In this pain coaching program, clients learn how to use the mind-body approach to rewire neuroplastic pain for six weeks.

This program will help you to:

  • Reattribute your pain with personalized evidence of neuroplastic pain

  • Identify triggers and stressors to pain

  • Safely change your relationship to sensations by reducing fear-based behaviors

  • Break the pain-fear cycle to down-regulate the nervous system

  • Practice somatic tracking and SMART goal planning for positive corrective experiences

What you get:

  • (6) 90 minute zoom sessions (or in person) for six weeks.  Zoom sessions include somatic tracking exersises, personalized trauma release work, Emotional Processing, NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest) integration.

  • Three personalized NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest) recordings

  •  Option for body work if in person (extra fee)

  • Email Check-ins-

If you believe your symptoms are due to a mind-body disconnection or neuroplasticity, this is the perfect program for you. Your pain is REAL and can be HEALED. All you need is the right tools, support, and guidance to help you boost resilience, challenge fear-based behavioral patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of your nervous system. 

Fee $895

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